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Unable to Upload File In Google Drive How To Fix This Issue

Google is known all around the world as leading tech giant of the world which not only a major search engine giants but it also provides various services as well as world class product apart from search engines like, Gmail for emailing services and chatting services through Google hangout as well as video sharing through your tube and voice calling through Google Voice. But one such product which provides by Google which is widely used by millions of user across the world is Google drive.

Get support help to fix google drive Issue

Google drive is the world leading and top class cloud storage service providing companies which help user to stores their critical files, data and documents. It also provides the facilities for not only storing of the files but also one can share their document with any authorized. The best part about the Google drive is it comes in the integration with major services of Google such google Docs, Gmail and so one. User c an easily upload, stores and back up their files and folders without any much hassle. Every user gets relieved of backing up the data continuously as one’s store it becomes pretty easy for any user to stores the files. But sometimes user does problem while working on Google Drive, One of the common issue user face while working on the google drive is file is unable to upload in the google drive. User can take the assistance from the google drive technical support number or follow these simple procedures :

  • First of all, User needs to figure about the reason behind not able to upload of the files.
  • If the issue is related to your computer and your drive then one has to follow these simple steps.
  • Open your computer and then go to the Back and sync download page.
  • Then check whether it’s the most recent version of the Backup and synchronization.
  • After the Installation, user needs to click on Yes to replace the existing versions.
  • Then choose a new google drive folder and then sync your files and folders.

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