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Solutions for users receiving someone elses messages on their gmail


Fix spam and other Gmail messages that is not yours by dialing the customer service number


With the help of Gmail technical support, one can easily get their account issues fixed and enhance the performance of the account. The team consists of skilled and well certified technicians who can fix any complex issue in a  short span of time.


What to do when receiving someone else’s mail in Gmail account?


You may be opening your Gmail account, but on a sudden day you may have noticed that you may be receiving someone else’s mail in the Gmail account. At the first site your mind may have turned blanked and you may not be knowing what needs to be done. These kind of issues arises mainly because:


  • The account address that you may be using may not be listed anywhere
  • You may be receiving spam messages in your inbox that is not meant for you.
  • Your account address may similar to someone else mail address except there may be some difference in dots or the case sensitive letters.

When account address is not listed


Look at the “To” and “Cc” section, if there isn’t your name it means that someone is sending you a blind carbon copy and you won’t be able to see any of your messages if the messages are being sent as blind carbon copy. But if you are receiving mails that is of other user the someone else may have by mistake have configured your account to send all the mails to you. You can mail the relevant person in this case to get these kind of issues fixed.


Receiving spam messages


Spammers use a technique named “Dictionary Spamming” by which they randomly select email address based on the names in the dictionary and send spam messages. In order to avoid this you can check on the box named “Report Spam” and the technicians will then assist you to fix the issue. You can also avoid these kind of messages by not opening them.


Similar mail address with slight differences


There may be at times, you may receive mails from the mail address that may look like yours but may not be yours. This happens because someone else may be having a Gmail address that may be similar as of you except for slight differences in dots and capitalization. You can always intimate the user who is sending the message to you in order to get the thing sorted.

If things still remain unsettled then one can simply dial the 24/7 Gmail technical support number and seek experts advice to troubleshoot the issue.


Gmail Support Number

 Contact for online support : 1-855-791-4041

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