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Reinstate My Google Adwords Suspended Account


If your account is suspended since you have violated the google adwords policy then you are in a serious problem and you have to resolve it by different ways such as:-

How to recover suspended google adword account?

  • Based on the reason behind the suspension of your account you have to try different steps.
  • Such as you have to first of all try to fix the policy violations of your account and for that you have to simply fix any of the disapprovals ads as well as the extensions of your account.
  • And just in case you do not want to disapprove some add then you can also choose to remove that ad.
  • After that you just have to submit the appeal and also have to explain the changes that you basically have made in order to fix the policy of the violations of the adwords.
  • You have to know that when it comes to the policy violations then some of the violations can surely lead to the permanent suspension of the account and that will not even be able to resolve afterwards.
  • Now that was one reason, the other reason for the suspension of the account could be the unpaid dues.
  • If that is your case then you have to move ahead to pay all the balance onto the main billing page of your account.
  • Once you do so then it is the time to make the appeal to the company that you have paid the dues.
  • Here you have to note one thing that if you pay for the adwords directly through one of your bank account then you have to send some proof of the payment and that too for all the last three payments.

By doing as writteb above you will easily be able to do what you were trying to do and you will be able to see the day where the adwords suspended account reinstated would be done without any issues.

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