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We are among one of the finest tech support firms which is engaged in proffering a plethora of technical support services to the unlucky users such as email support, antivirus printer support and router support etc. Our firm has no any direct connection with any company or service mentioned in our website. We also affirm that all the trademarks and logos which are used have no connection with us and only used in the website just for informational purposes. If you would like to give any suggestion to us against any wrong which you have noticed, then do call us instantly.

Privacy Policy

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The privacy policy gives knowledge about the procedures through which Gmail support collects, utilizes and distribute the personal information which is received so as to offer support services to the clients. The terms and conditions of our services are very clear and state that you should be in agreement of information utilization according to the privacy policy whenever you share and of the information with our technical support engineers.

How do we Amass information?

Gmail tech support proffers best email solutions to the customers by devising a number of online tools as well as software. Besides these tools, they can also provide telephone support to the unlucky users. The tools which are devised can help the users by getting remote access of their computer and fixing their issues effectively. Our gmail support staff requests the users to get access of their computers before applying a remote assistance technique. Our tech support individuals require personal or technical information and also some permissions from our customers. Other required information might be gained through the diagnostic tools such as getting access of user's computer which can really help us providing our tech services.

What kind of information do we need?

Personal Information: We urgently require personal information of the users such as their Last name, First name, Phone number, Postal address and Email address so that we can easily recognize the user and contact him if required.

Payment Information:We also need information related to the debit card and the credit card of the user the moment they purchase our services or make transactions on phone or online, whichever is liked by the users. Yahoo mail tech support makes best use of third party payment gateways and payment processing in order to verify the information of a user's debit card and credit card and also for the transaction process.

Technical Information: Google mail tech support staff can enquire about the technical information associated with the computers so as to solve the technical hiccups arise in your system during the service time.

Information We Need Are:-

Date of buying the computer type, the model and make of the hardware software which are installed in the computer and the computer attached peripherals which are hardware configured. How can we utilize this information?

Any information we collect from our valued clients can be utilized in the following manner:-

For Processing Transactions:We request the users to furnish their personal information which can enable them to purchase our services online. This type of information is needed for validating and processing the transactions with the help of merchant account and payment gateways.

For Sending E-mails: We can utilize the email address furnished by the users the moment registration and the buying of the services take place, in order to send the information or any updates to the users associated with the order which is placed. If a user wants to get subscription to our newslettter, then we use the email id of the users to send the news, service, products and updates, promotional offers and other important information. Users can unsubscribe from the newsletter services of our company at any time. Information about unsubscribing from the newsletters are given in the detail in the end of an email.

Usage of Remote Access

Gmail tech support offers subscription tech support which is online based. For this, our techiesneed to get access of subscriber computer system. We utilize tools and software which help us manage the user computer in a remote manner. This procedure of remote access of the user computer help us recognize and fix tech issues without registering physical presence.Gmail Support does not access to user computer without prior consent. We also request users to remain present in front of the computer while our support technicians are fixing technical issues.

Google mail support can't proceed to get access of the user computer without taking prior permission. We also ask the users to register their presence in front of their system during the removal of tech issues done by our support tech professionals.

Our tech support engineers are meticulously trained which help them using remote access software in a better way. To avoid the access to the confidential information of the users on the computer or the computer network, Google mail support make sure to provide limited access of the engineers to the data which is there on the network or subscriber computer.

Tools Used To identify Technical Hiccups

Important information about user applications as well as computer system can be gathered by utilizing online problem solving tools. Google mail support makes best use of this collected information to check and resolve problems existed in the computer system. We do not gather and utilize any sensitive data such as visited webpages history, profiles, email addresses and messages, passwords etc.

Do we utilize any cookies?

Cookies are the set of information which are stored in the hard drive through the browser. Yes ! We use cookies to become aware of the user preferences as well as specifications. We may utilize cookies to offer you with the tech support through our website while communicating with our technical support staff. However the user can proceed to change his browser in case he does not want to store any information.

Do we keep track of help sessions?

Google mail support may keep track of all offline and online help sessions performed between our technicians and the end users just for the sake of the improvement of its services. These records are stored for the enhancement of the support knowledge base, enhance our services and for the internal research utilization.

Log Files

Google mail support may make use of IP addresses of its subscribers. It may greatly help us in keeping a track of the movement of the users, analyzing the trends, managing the websites and gathering demographic data for combined utilization.

Addition of Information

Google mail support can add personal information of the users with the information gained from other sources to provide safety against the frauds. For establishing the credibility, Google mail tech support can use your personal name and related information for gaining credit report in accordance with any laws.