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Optimize Your Gmail Inbox with the Best Featured Tricks and Trips



Gmail Tips & Tricks

Gmail offers a dozen of customization tricks to spice up your inbox which you can use according to your convenience. Here we have discussed few of them to help you with a smarter mailing option.


  • You must should know that there are many inbuilt keyboard shortcuts exists which you can use to navigate your inbox effectively. To enable keyboard shortcuts, go to “settings” and find the “keyboards Shortcut” section in the “General” tab. Select “keyboard shortcut on” and save the modifications.
  • You can select the view of your inbox by selecting the tabs according to you. This sort out your mails and help you to deal with your inbox when it get flooded with 100s of mails. You can also select the preferences for your mails to come up into your inbox by making changes in the settings.
  • You can also select your mailbox’s display density by clicking on the gear icon located at the right top corner of the mailbox. You can also turn on personal level indicators by going into the general tab in settings section.


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Gmail Technical Support:

There are dozens of such modification options left which you can use to customize your inbox. All these modification can be done by exploring the “settings” section of the Gmail. To know more about the customization options, you can contact technical support through the Gmail Technical Support number. This number is toll free and will connect you to the customer service helpdesk where your call will be attended by one of the expert advisers.

The adviser will guide you with all the aspects of customization features offered by the Gmail services and that you can explore to make your mailing experience better. Not only guide you over phone but the adviser will also help you with applying those changes with the expert hands. For that, the adviser will need to access your desktop through remote services after taking your permissions.

The customer services are available 24x7 and you can contact helpdesk through the Gmail Support Phone Number whenever you want according to your convenience.

Contact for online support : 1-855-791-4041 

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