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My Google Search Not Working How To Fix It

What If Your Google Search Doesn’t Works On Firefox And Android

It is good to have Google search to search something but you may get problems at certain occasions.It is better to reach customer service at that point of time.Customer support team will understand your issue and suggest you with instant solution.To contact technical experts,there is need to use helpline number.

There are technical issues that got fixed by customer service team.Here, you may get resolution to one:

Why Google search not working in Firefox?

  • It is first required to go to “Tools”
  • There is need to click “Options” and then “Privacy”
  • Tap the option of “Show cookies” button
  • You need to look for the Google cookies and should remove them
  • It will fix the complete issue
  • So that with these short step your google search not working in mozilla firefox problem will resolve.

Why google search not working in Android phone?

  • You should tap and hold the power button by using your screen
  • There is need to click the “Restart” button instantly.
  • This kind of problem occurs because of your system of the smartphone has not been updated.For such circumstances, there is need to update the Android OS as soon as possible.
  • Apart from that, user needs to go to the Google Play Store app and should go to the “My Apps And Games” link.
  • You are now required to update the Google app by using the best possible steps.
  • Individual also needs to use other possible methods which involves restricting this Google app forcefully.It helps in  closing that app and again launching Google properly.
  • It is also required to clear the cache including the app data of the Google app from the “Settings.”
  • It is recommended to you that you should uninstall Google from smartphone and can complete the installation.
  • After doing this,Google search will definitely going to work on Android phone
  • So that these solution for google search not working in anndroid phone will fix completely.

If you didn’t find the solution according to your requirements,there is need to contact support team.For contacting the support team,you should use customer service number for google search not working on andorid phone or mozilla firefox browser.Technician will understand all your issue  and suggest you with some specific solution.Individual will be charged to get resolution from experts but that amount will be too low to pay by anyone.Tech experts will first take the remote access of the screen and suggest you with some unique solution.If you don’t want to reach live experts directly,live chat and email service can also be used.People who don’t want to spend,they can use tech support columns and frequently asked questions.It is ensured to you that if you establish constant connection with experts,it will always help you.

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