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My Gmail Account Is Not Sending Emails


My sent emails are landing in my trash, not showing up as sent.


We all access to emails almost by using email ID and password on daily basis and even we face so many problems like: password reset and recovery issue, sending and receiving issue, Gmail configuration issue, unable to show up sent emails on trash and more. If you are having frustrated with any of these technical glitches then you can try our best Gmail support phone number expeditiously.

Follow the steps to fix the issue given below:

·         Click the “Settings” and select “Gear up“> “Settings” >Forwarding section and delete the items you have selected.
·         Now go to the “Unified inbox” and select one of your access clients.
·         It can remove the message from the Gmail account and send them to the trash.
·         Now you must check out your “Clients devices”, you are using.
·         Don`t delete the mails from your alternate clients, phone and tablets.     
·         Go to the “POP mail server” settings and type your Gmail ID and password.
·         Select “Save” button and click on it and then click to finish.   

 Hopefully, now on you can send your mails properly and you can restore the mails into the trash folder. 

Watch this video to get and learn more about how to fix problems when user are not able to send or receive emails on Gmail account, this video is very helpful to help you.

Contact for online support : 1-855-791-4041

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