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Let's Catch up Gmail New Features

Gmail is one of the best e-mail service as it provides users with maximum space that is in gigabyte, where users can store maximum messages according to their need and also, it provides a flexible manner where specific messages can be searched anytime anywhere by the user.

Gmail has been now blessed with many new and latest features in it. Some of the feature being:-

  • Every gmail account has inbox facility in it. It has an aim that makes every matter further more organized, much more convenient and is much easier to handle.
  • There is a new feature added where g-mail is trying to combat the spam issue so that customers do not face problems related to it.
  • Also, a feature has been introduced that encourage the users to set the reminder and not send back the mails to them.
  • There is a new feature of Snooze introduced now in Inbox, in which users are allowed to snooze some mails where they can review the mails later , thus if a user want to know about a mail later that is not important at the event, then user can snooze the mail and g-mail will bring it back again.
  • Data loss prevention feature has been introduced by Google. DLP further helps in prevention and security of the sensitive information in the mail. For the Optical Character Recognition is done which works as a tool that scan content that holds some private data like:- credit details, driver’s license number or some other important information that has to be kept secret. It scans documents, presentations, spreadsheets thus not limited to just the text in emails.      
  • One of the best features is that users can now undo the mistakes for the first time. Often it happens that mail goes to wrong person but now even if users send it instantly user can change its mistake by clicking on undo option which appears.
  • Also, now user can block a person from sending or receiving the mail. Users can now block specific e-mail address in G-mail, after which further future messages wil go into spam folder.

Gmail Contact Phone Number - 1-844-750-6844 , 1-855-791-4041

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