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How To Reset Google Chrome Settings


Follow these methods and reset Google Chrome web browser 

There are times when the Google Chrome users faces several technical and non technical issues while accessing it and the best solution for it is the resetting the browser to its default. So, to reset the browser it is really very important to follow the correct steps so that the process takes place properly without any glitches.

So, to reset the browser the users just need to follow these steps or can get in touch with the Google Chrome Customer Service to get more details about it.

  • First of all the users need to open the Google Chrome web browser on their computers and laptops whatever they are using.
  • Then the users need to select on the option named customize and control Google Chrome.

  • After selecting on that the users are required to go to the settings of the Google Chrome.

  • Under the settings go to the show advanced settings and select on that.

  • The users then need to go to the bottom of the page and select on reset Browser settings.

  • By doing this a pop up window will open. The users then are needed to select on the reset button.

How To Reset Google Chrome Settings

There is also another method that the users can apply so as to reset their Google Chrome settings easily. So, the users can utilize either of the methods and can reset their web browser.

  • First of all the users should make sure that they’ve closed all the running windows of Google Chrome.

  • Then go to the user option.

  • From there select on user name and then on app data option.

  • Further the users are required to select on local and then on Google and from there click on Chrome and then on user data.

  • Users should then select the box of hidden files and folders.

  • There the users will see an option of default.

  • Then, remove this particular folder.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.

  • By doing this the Google Chrome browser will be restored.

Further if the users face any issue regarding these steps then they can simply call on the Google Chrome Customer Service Number and can talk with the concerned representatives available on the phone lines.

Contact on this number for online help 1-855-791-4041.

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