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How to Make Voice and Video Calls in Gmail

Google offers free voice and video calling online through your Gmail account. Enabling the calling service requires changing your Gmail settings. Do you also want to use the voice and video calling feature of Gmail? The calling option is free using Gmail and is available for every user. Once you have made the changes to your account, you can make calls from Google’s call system through Gmail’s “Chat” area.

How to Make Voice and Video Calls to phone number in Gmail?

  • Set up a headset or microphone and speakers on your computer to use during the call.
  • Login to Gmail and look at the sidebar in Gmail showing the chat option.
  • Click the “Chat” tab to see chat options, and then create your voice and video call features.
  • Click on the name of a person to start calling.
  • Click on the video camera icon at the top of the name.
  • The call will automatically get connected.
  • To make voice calling, click the phone receiver icon at the top of the name.

Gmail Support for voice and Video Calling

Gmail users can call any other gmail users using voice call or video call features. Users can access the most advanced calling technology with clear voice and live video. Gmail Support is available for users facing issues while making a call. Thus get connected in case of issues and fix it immediately.

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