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How to fix google play error no internet connection

Digital transformation has lead us towards the rise of digital services. There are numerous number of digital services which we used whether the financial transaction, e- commerce shopping and data sharing and so forth. The rise in the smartphone has lead towards exponential rise in the digital services. The advent of apps has created digital sharing economy which most of the services whether its ride, shopping and so forth is just in reach of few click on your smartphone. These days thousand and thousand of apps are on the internet which provides different sorts of services. In order to access the various services of apps, there are plenty of app stores in the world. One such big name in the app stores business is Google play.

How to fix google play error no internet connection

Google play is the major name in the app stores field. Despite having numerous number of app stores in the world, Google play has maintain one of the leading position in the world with more than 3 million app on their stores ranging from diverse fields and services. With having more than 82 billion download from the user across the world is a clear testimony of the reach of the services.  Despite having such popularity in the services, there are plenty of issue user does face while working on Google Play. one such issue user faces is regarding how to fix google play error no internet connection. User can take the help of customer service or follow these simple procedures :

  • First of all, user needs to open the smartphone and look for the date and setting.

  • In order to do so, Go to the setting and then Date and time.

  • And check mark the date and time or manually set it.

  • In spite of that the problem persist then it’s better to clear the app history.

  • For doing so, user needs to go to the settings and then Apps .

  • Further swipe right to All and then scroll down to tap on Google play store.

  • Make sure to clear data button and then tap OK.

  • Sometimes the Issue arises when ISP DNS server cannot able to resolve Google play store DNS.

  • So, in order to switch from the google DNS servers from wifi settings, Go to settings and then go to select Wifi network and then select Modify and show Dns Settings.

  • Make sure to change the DNS to statics and it should be or

How to fix google play error retrieving information from server

Inspite of that if the user faces any problem related to server information retrieving or  if the user feels puzzled about how to fix google play error retrieving information from server. Then it’s better to take the help from the technical support team they have a highly qualified technical support team which will make sure that all your concerns will be fixed properly.

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