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How to fix Gmail push notification issues?

Lots of user occasionally complains about Gmail’s push notification. If you use Gmail into the stock mail app or use Gmail app, then you may be confronted problems where you don’t get routine new incoming mail.  There can be lots of reasons behind this problem which are very necessary to resolve.

Here are the steps given below to fix Gmail push notification issues:

Do you know how to fix Gmail push notification issues? If no, then read this article and learn how to troubleshoot this problem with some easy instructions which are given below:

Remove Gmail account and setup again

·       First of all, open the Settings of your phone.

·       Go to the Accounts and tap on the Google.

·       Now choose your email account.

·       Now tap on the Remove account icon.

·       After that, re-add your account again to complete the procedure.

Clear Gmail app’s cache and data

·       First of all, go the Settings on your phone.

·       Tap on the Application manager.

·       Now swipe to All and then choose Gmail.

·       Now tap on the Clear cache and data Decrease the days to sync.

·       After that, restart your phone to finish the procedure.

Make sure that Background data is enabled

·       First of all, open your phone Settings.

·       Tap on the Data Usage.

·       Now scroll down to the Gmail and then make sure that Restrict background data is not selected.

·       You should try to Syncing Gmail over Wi-Fi or your network only.

If above steps does not helping you to fix your Gmail push notification issues? Then don’t be confused. Simply contact Gmail customer service phone number and get all the possible solutions from the team of very talented experts. These Google experts will help you to resolve multiple issues within a short span of time. So what are you waiting till now? Just contact on these numbers to get an instant solutions of your problems. This number is accessible at 24/7 hours from all over the globe.

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