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How to block a website in Google Chrome?


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Are you getting distracted by any particular website? Or maybe some websites are distracting the minors at your home. Don’t worry! In this page, we will be talking about 2 outstanding methods of website blocking. However, these methods will be followed by the disadvantages of website blocking in Google Chrome browser.

Why should you block a website or a group of websites?

Even though your work doesn’t allow you, you spend too much time on entertainment sites or on social networks, sometimes. The concerned browser blocks many websites for their harmful effects, and it is a known fact. But the Chrome browser never blocks any website for their contents. It not even warns its users. Here is how you can block the unwanted or time-consuming sites.

Method One: How to block a website in Google Chrome?

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to the upper right corner
  • Click on the Wrench symbol
  • Once you do this, you will need to select Settings
  • Move your mouse pointer towards the last portion of the opened window
  • You will find Show advanced settings at the bottom
  • Click on the mentioned symbol
  • The Change Proxy Settings symbol has to be clicked by you, after that
  • Switch to the Security tab now and click Restricted Sites
  • Click on Site, after that
  • Here you will be asked to enter the URLs of the unwanted websites
  • Close the window and get those sites blocked

 Method Two: How to block a website in Google Chrome?

You are also likely to block a website (or a group of websites) by installing HT Employee Monitor or HT Parental Controls. But yes, you need to download the software first. Once it is installed, you are instructed by Google Chrome Technical Support to open it. You will get the chance to click on the Website Blocking symbol. Follow the step with the hit of Add Button symbol. This symbol will be found near the Banned Websites list. Well, this option is slightly different from the method one as it gives you the opportunity to block a keyword, apart from a website. Your job is to enter it. Click on the Apply symbol, at last.

The disadvantages of website blocking

Google Chrome experts also tell you the disadvantages of website blocking. Yet, a long range is there. A blocked website will not be blocked if in a different account on the same browser. Sometimes it is not possible to block a group of websites; it takes a long time. That’s why Google Chrome Tech Support Number suggests you block a series of websites by category. It is easier, too.

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