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How TO Add Google Hangouts Account In MAC?

You may be using a MAC OS and must have decided to use Google Hangouts for chatting with people from different parts of the world. There is an option available for the users through which they can add their Google Hangouts account in their MAC OS. One simply way through which this can be done is by connecting to the certified technicians on an immediate basis. They have been offering services all through the day and year which means users can feel free to connect with them at any point of time without any sort of hesitation. If you think that this way is not suitable for you then there is an alternative available for you which are following the manual or the step by step procedure. Users can move down the tutorial to follow the step by step procedure and get their things done on an instant basis at any point of time.

Steps to instantly add Google Hangouts in MAC OS:

Step 1: First of all users can click on the mail menu which would be available in the upper left corner of their MAC screen.

Step 2: Users can then simply select System Preferences from the available options and after having done that they can simply click on Internet Accounts option.

Step 3: Users can now add their Google Hangout account at this place filling in the desired information as asked.

Step 4: Final after having filled all the relevant information users can click on Save and if required then they can also turn ON the option for the messages.

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