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How To Add Another Email Account To The Gmail App


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Adding another email account to your Gmail app is not a complex task as there are proven solutions for this. However to add an account, you must know the exact steps so you will be able to do it without fail. But a multitude of Gmail users are not acquainted with these instructions and struggle with adding any of their accounts to Gmail app. In such circumstances, they call Gmail support numberand fix these issues straightaway. However they can also gain the help of the useful instructions which are as follows:-

  • First open your Gmail app

  • Now tap on Menu which in on the top left side

  • After that tap on the Down arrow which is located on the right side of your username

  • Now tap on Add Account

  • Next select the type of email account which you wish to add

  • Finally follow the further instructions to add another email account to your Gmail app account


Add another email account to the Gmail app


Now you can easily know the process to add any account to your Gmail app through the above guidelines. However many users are still muddled up in knowing these instructions. If they are unable to learn the steps discussed above, then all you need to do is to get the immediate support of Gmail technicians who are always there to sort out these glitches. Hence do not be frustrated over these issues at all and call Gmail support phone number straightforwardly.

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