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How do u fix Google Play Store when it says no connection?

Internet connection issue is the most common and irritating problem for the people. There are so many things which we do on the internet and while doing them we usually come across many internet error pop-ups.

Google play store is one of the most important apps for any phone as it allows you to download many other apps for free. Though there are many other apps on Google play store that are available for purchase where people buy them according to their personal and business requirements. What should one do when Google play store does not respond due to internet connection issue?  What if Google play store app unable to connect? The answer to this question is very simple and helpful if you just follow the guiding steps that can help you easily in rebuilding your connection.

Many times it happens when Google play store does not work and says no connection we usually check every network problem just to reach the solution. This issue occurs when the Google play store is not able to connect to the internet on your phone. After checking all the network problems seeing everything is working fine finally we come up with the decision of re-installing the Google play store. But sometimes even this method does not work and we find our self in trouble again.

So, here are some of the steps that you can try before re-installing your google play store.

  • Date and time need to be fixed.                                
  • Clearing cache of Google play store app works for you
  • Go to your network Routers and change DNS settings
  • Re-login in Google accounts help but if it does not work change the old one.
  • If there are any updates uninstall them.
  • Deleting Host files also work
  • Last but not the least you can restore your tablet or phone for resolving this issue.

So, if this issue of Google play store app unable to connect  appears then you must try these steps that are mentioned above before coming to any conclusion either contact google play customer service number

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