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How do I set up a canned response in Gmail?

Writing the same emails again and again can be a really big headache and it also takes so much of time. Well, for your productivity and for getting some work done, all you need to do is setup the canned responses in Gmail. Time is the greatest asset for every person out there and everyone always look for the ways to save time and get done more in any specific timeframe. If you start the canned responses in Gmail, it can save the time of writing those same boring emails again and again. You can use the save email templates for the tasks and make the task of hours in seconds.

Well, here are some ways in which you can setup these canned responses in Gmail and these ways are as follows:

  • Open your Gmail account and you have to click on the gear icon that is present on the top right side. After that, click settings present on the top down sub menu.
  • A new window will show up. On that window, click on Labs tab.
  • Under the Labs search for the Canned Responses, tap on the enable button and then go for saving the changes.
  • Tap compose for creating the templates of canned response.
  • Decide what you have to write and write it. Or you can also copy paste any previous email. You can even highlight and modify things in those templates.
  • After this, you have to click on the arrow that’s present next to the trash icon.
  • Create a template for the canned responses. Select the Canned Responses and after that, select New Canned Responses.
  • The response that you’ve done, name it. And tap okay.

In this way, your canned responses are made. When you want to send any email, you have to do following steps:

  • Click Compose and a blank email will open up. Click on arrow button present next to trash icon for inserting the Canned Response Template.
  • Once your HTML template is creates successfully, you can easily use it in G suite, Outlook, and Gmail.

These were the easy ways to setup the canned responses in Gmail and how to use it while sending emails for more help dial gmail helpline number.

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