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Google Maps Wrong Current Location How To Correct This Information

Google is the most leading IT sector multinational company. This company is famous worldwide. It is basically the web based online working application and software for there users from mall over the world.

How to get the correct location on your device ?

A user can get the correct location by making the certain changes n there respective devices, which are explained as below :

  • GPS – Through this setting and feature it will fetch your location with the help of satellite operations.

  • Wi-Fi – Through this your location of nearby WiFi networks helps to know the location of the operators.

  • Cell Tower – A user cellular network location connection should be accurate up to some thousands meters.

How to correct wrong information found on Google ?

So many a times it happens that your location address has been reported wrong by the google map, and hence you get distracted from reaching your destination timely and correctly. And suppose you get some wrong details about the location then one need to complain and follow up the below given procedure :

1. Assess the current situation – One person needs to analyse its situation, that at what moment and when does there address has been fetched wrong. One may check there device online reporting situation, that at what time does its device i been connected through the online mode.

2. Report your problem with the Google – One must instantly report there problem with the Google company.

3. Submit your correction report to the site – At whatever site you get stuck one should, report the error problem with that particular site itself, then after that they will resolve the issues.

4. User may update there current location in google map – One may look whether your location settings is on or not. And if not then turn it on.

Hence as above mentioned points are meant to provide you the proper solution and guide you throughout the whole procedure but suppose if you face any trouble while dealing with the same then kindly contact to Google support phone numberwhich is common phone number provided by the Google itself to look after there regular customer and fulfil there respected needs and desires and demands even. Hence they provide the satisfying solution to them. 

Contact for online support : 1-855-791-4041

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