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Gmail Two Step Not Working How To Fix It?

How to fix issue with Gmail 2-step verification?

If you want to prevent others from signing in to your Google Account, even if they can access your password, you can add an additional layer of security namely 2 step verification where you will need to approve new logins using the text message on a mobile number provided. This will ensure that others can’t access your account even if they have clicked or guessed your password.

Gmail is a free email program that provides users an easy to use interface for sending and receiving mails. As gmail is very popular email program, so it is very important to keep the security of your gmail account.

What is Gmail 2-Step Verification?

Gmail has now introduced an extra layer of security called two-step verification process that secures your gmail account in case anyone even knows your account password. Whenever any user tries to login to a new device, he/she must enter the verification code received on the registered mobile number or through the application. So you must check the proper working of this feature in your account. In case gmail 2 step verification is not working for your email account, you need to contact the support team immediately as it is directly associated with the security of your account.

Issues with Gmail 2 step verification

  • Unable to login via 2-step verification
  • Lost your phone
  • Not receiving message for 2-step verification

How do you enable 2-Step Verification for Google Accounts?

  • Sign in to the Google Account settings page
  • Click Account
  • Click Security
  • Click Setup next to Two-Step Verification
  • Follow the instructions and enter the phone number

Whenever you will try to login to your account through any other device, you need to enter the verification code sent on your number.

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