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Gmail Technical Support Number for Effectual Gmail Guidance


How to Setup a Professional Email Address with Google Apps and Gmail


If you are running a business then you should certainly need a professional email address to operate it. Once you are done with creating a website for your business, it is highly advisable to create a professional email address for you. Here are the steps through which you can create a professional email address with Google Apps and Gmail:-

  • First you need to register for a Google Apps for work account
  • You can opt for a monthly fee or an annual fee
  • You can also opt for a free trial before you come to a decision
  • Now visit Google Apps for work site and click on the button named Get Started
  • Fill out the form with your first & the last name, an email idand the phone number
  • Click Next
  • Just go on for buying a new domain from here
  • Now enter the domain name of your WordPress site and click on Next
  • Now you can create a Google Apps account
  • Create your username & password
  • Click Accept as well as on Signup button
  • Now you are done with registering a new Google Apps Accountprofessional email account

If you are not successful in creating your Google Apps account with the help of these steps, then you need not get tensed as you can call our Gmail technical support number which will help you talk with our customer support officials who will give you fast help regarding your problems. They first consider your problem and then choose the best mode to help you out. Hence if you need excellent help regarding creating a professional account in Google Apps, then calling Gmail technical support phone number will be much useful for you.

 Contact for online support : 1-855-791-4041

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