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Gmail Not Working On Android Phone


Follow these steps and fix the issue of Gmail Not Working on android phones 


Gmail is a very familiar name and most of us have full fledged knowledge about its features, services, issues and what not. But many a times we get stuck when we try to access Gmail account on our android phones.

So whenever Gmail Not Working issues occur on the users android phones, they should just follow certain steps so as to solve the particular issue as soon as possible.

Mentioned below are the steps that the users need to follow to solve the issue !

  • First of all the users can simply delete the Gmail application from their android phone and can again install it.
  • The other method for solving this issue is by going to the settings option on the phone.

  • Then from there go to the applications option and then to the manage applications.

  • Users then need to select on all tab.

  • In the tab option the users need to search for Gmail application.

  • Ones the Gmail application is located the users need to remove the data and caches from there.

  • After the caches and cookies have been removed uninstall the Gmail application.

  • Users then need to reboot their android phone and again install the Gmail application.

  • If then also the issue is not being solve then the users should just perform the factory reset data and should reset their devices.

  • For this the users firstly needs to go to the settings option.

  • Then go to privacy.

  • Select on factory data reset and reset the android phone.


Gmail Not Working


Therefore, these are the steps that the users should follow when the Gmail Not Opening issues occurs in the users android phones. If the users find any more difficulty in these steps then they can simply contact the concerned representatives and can get more information on these.

Contact for online support : 1-855-791-4041

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