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Gmail Not Responding


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Gmail is one of the most frequent used email services across the globe. There might be sometimes issues occur to the user in the functioning of Gmail.

There might be different reasons why the Gmail not working which might be:

Loading issues: Sometimes this happens that users might find it difficult in loading their Gmail account. This might be due to the reason that there is a slow internet connection due to which Gmail is not able to load properly. User should also check that they have a latest updated version of browser. Some applications may also lead to this problem, so uninstall them and then load your Gmail account.

Gmail is slow: Although your Gmail is loading but it is slow resulting in delay in your work. This might be due to the browser. User should always have a latest version of the browser. Sometimes extension and add-ons which a user has installed may also lead to slow down the Gmail response. Clear the browsers cache and cookies and see if the problem is resolved.

Links aren’t working: Again this issue is also related to the browser you re working on and the unwanted applications.

Apart from these issues there might be issues resulted due to settings, browser got struck in an endless redirect loop.

There also might be the reason that Gmail not responding due to imap.gmail.com is not responsive. In such case you have to follow these given steps to overcome this issue.

  • Change IMAP server, use the incoming mail server imap.googlemail.com.
  • Disable and re-enable IMAP in Gmail settings: Disable IMAP access to your account and save changes. Again enable IMAP access and save changes.
  • Google allows a certain number of connection to mail box, if there are too many it can block IMAP access to your account.


                                                                      Gmail Not Working


Some of the other frequently emerging technical issues are:

Gmail Password Recovery
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Get Solution for "imap.gmail.com" is not responding on ios

  • Evacuate the accounts hich are not working from mail.
  • Re-include the records, yet don't choose "Google" from this screen and rather select other.


Gmail Not Responding on iOS


  • Pick add mail account.
  • Enter your gmail data including the name that you need your reciepients to see.
  • On the accompanying screen, include your data once more.You'll likewise need to include the SMTP and IMAP servers and additionally your gmail location and password to extra fields on this screen

Gmail Not Responding iOS


  • Pick on the off chance that you need to synchronize notes on the following screen and you are done now.

You ought to be good to go with your gmail account added to mail again bypassing the falling flat Google oauth confirmation strategy. You may likewise need to empower IMAP on gmail that you have not done as such eventually as of now.

Sometimes when user access mail account on their Mac,iphone or ipod, they might recieve message as "Cannot get Mail.The mail server "imap.gmail.com" is not responding".For such gmail not responding/working issue customer need to verify the information entered by him is correct or not.

Solution 1:Unlock Google Captcha

Go to https://www.google.com/accounts/DisplayUnlockCaptcha (in case you are using google apps,then go through https://www.google.com/a/domainname.com/UnlockCaptcha) and remove the captcha from google mail account.

Now enter your user name and password followed by filling out the captcha and then click Unblock.

Solution 2:Reboot your iOS or Mac device and then open your mail app again.

Solution 3: Delete your email account and setup it again.

Solution 4:Manage Airplane Mode

1. Turn on your iOS device airplane mode
2.Wait for few seconds
3.Again,Turn it off.

Other Solutions:

1.Instead of using imap.gmail.com use imap.googlemail.com as IMAP server.

2.Before reopen mail app,close all multitasking app.

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