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Accessing Multiple Accounts In Gmail For iOS


There occurs a need when we need to set up different or more than one Gmail accounts on our Apple device.  In order to set up multiple E-Mail accounts on an iOS device the process is a complete straightforward one and it takes a couple of efforts that helps in managing the inbox. One  can set up an initial account directly from the Mail App on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, but for multiple accounts, one may need to go through Settings option.


Gmail is definitely the most popular Email Service around the globe and the Apple products being the most popular devices in the market. Altogether, they creates the ultimate combination. But, setting them up together is a bit different process where you may need to know how to do it first . Henceforth, there are couple of methods so that we can add  our Gmail accounts into our iOS. Choosing them entirely depends on how we prefer checking our email and the kind of user interface we wish to use.


Among them, one way is to add the Google account into iOS in Settings and then using the built-in Mail application in order to access the different Gmail accounts. Another method is the easiest way, where we just download the Gmail Application from the App Store. There are pros and cons associated to each of the methods.


Gmail Technical Support


Gmail Tech support offers the solutions to the issues related to its product and their usage. The Tech support team provides an elusive way to suggest the solutions to the users across.

The one conventional app method stocked in the application itself involves the following steps :

ü  Open up the Settings app first and then scroll down in the app and tap  fingers on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. There, on the top, tap on the Add Account.

ü  Among list of options available, including Google (Gmail), AOL, Yahoo and Outlook. Choose Google.

ü  Then type your name, email address, and the password into one of the Gmail accounts. Tap on the Next in the upper right corner once done with the above step and iOS then verifies the information.

ü  After verification , on the next page select the information that we want synced from Gmail, including email, contacts, calendar or notes. Then, Toggle any of these what we want and then tap on Save on the upper right corner.

ü  There we can open up the Gmail app and see all of our email just like we see it on Gmail. Now, just repeat the above process for other Gmail accounts too.


Gmail Technical Support Phone Number


Google offers 24/7 support through Help Forums, Communities and YouTube tutorials available. One can reach out to the technical experts @ 1-855-791-4041

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